Saturday, 5 September 2009

France Shamefully Silent About Turkish Atrocities

This year there is a Turkish season in France. These seasons are officially-organised programmes of cultural events relating to a specific country, designed to promote greater understanding between peoples. They take place each year and feature exhibitions, performances and concerts and the like, but also intellectual events such as debates, discussions and lectures. Shamefully, the organisers of the French event this year have decided to exclude any coverage or discussion of the Armenian genocide, deferring to Turkey's infamous sensitivities on the subject. This is cowardly after-the-fact complicity in one of history's greatest crimes.

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  1. The West, including France, is also indifferent to Turkey's illegal occupation of Cyprus, which continues since Turkey's military invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

    Western 'leadership', (together, of course, with the lobbying from Islamic states,) is determined to continue to set up Eurabia, to include Turkey's 75 million Muslims, despite the opposition of European people.