Monday, 28 September 2009

German Election Results May Be Bad News for Turkey and Good News for Europe

In the German election, Angela Merkel's CDU and her allies in the FDP appear to have prevailed. Most likely they will be able to form a government of their own. This could be of key significance in relation to Turkey joining the EU. Merkel has always been opposed to Turkish accession, but hitherto she has been forced to operate within the constraints of Germany's grand coalition government. This coalition involved all the major German parties, including the left-leaning SPD, which favours Turkish accession. Germany's foreign minister, Steinmeier, is a member of the SPD, and follows the party line in support of the Turks. Coalition politics meant that some middle line had to be found. But that should now go out the window. Merkel should now be able to oppose Turkish accession unrestrainedly.


  1. UK 'Daily Telegraph'

    "Angela Merkel win ends Turkey's EU hopes"

  2. Let's hope the Telegraph headline is right. Meanwhile I remember hearing David Milliband say that he found the prospect of an EU sharing borders with Iran, Iraq and Syria, an exciting one.Even now I'm not sure if my ears were deceiving me - nobobody could have such crackpot ideas and be British foreign secretary, surely?

  3. "Turkey, Secularism and the Need for Eternal Vigilance" (by Hugh Fitzgerald):