Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Interview with Sibel Edmonds

The American Conservative magazine has published an astonishing interview with FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds in which she lays bare the vast extent of Turkey's espionage and influencing operations within the United States. Lacking similar information about Europe, we can only assume that similar activites are going on here and that European decision-makers are being bribed and blackmailed to facilitate Turkey's bid to join the European Union.

The interview includes the following bombshell revelation:

Edmonds: "The monitoring of the Turks picked up contacts with Feith, Wolfowitz, and Perle in the summer of 2001, four months before 9/11. They were discussing with the Turkish ambassador in Washington an arrangement whereby the U.S. would invade Iraq and divide the country. The UK would take the south, the rest would go to the U.S. They were negotiating what Turkey required in exchange for allowing an attack from Turkish soil. The Turks were very supportive, but wanted a three-part division of Iraq to include their own occupation of the Kurdish region. The three Defense Department officials said that would be more than they could agree to, but they continued daily communications to the ambassador and his defense attaché in an attempt to convince them to help."

This, of course, is interesting, as one of the arguments cited against Turkey's acceptance into the EU is that it would be an American Trojan horse. The fact that Turkey refused to allow its territory to be used for the Iraq invasion is often mentioned to counter this claim. Now, it seems, the Turks refused their permission, not out of some morally-principled opposition to the war, but out of pique that their demands for a carve up of Kurdish Iraq were not acceded to.

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