Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Turkish Foreign Minister Still Smugly Confident About EU Entry

Despite the murmurings from the governments of France and Germany and, of course, the overwhelming opposition of the European people who are denied a voice in the matter, Turkish foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, is still smugly confident about his country getting into the European Union.

"We have full confidence that our French, British and other colleagues will keep their commitment... " he said. It is outrageous for him to claim that there is any "commitment" to Turkish admission. There is no commitment. There is a process whose outcome is not certain. Diplomatic objections should be raised to this official Turkish insistence that there is any commitment.

He went on to make a number of other preposterous statements in an article he published in the Swedish press. Extracts below :

"There is no need for convincing, it is already sure that Turkey and the European Union will integrate in the future."

"Like us, Sweden realises that Europe can never be a strong and united entity as long as Turkey remains outside the EU."

He also implied that in implementing reforms to make his country marginally more civilised, the Turks were doing Europe some kind of favour. Of course it is the other way around. Europe is doing the Turks a favour by showing them how to become a more civilised country.

"The negative voices that we keep hearing from some countries in the EU just spread doubt among our citizens and impede our efforts to continue reforms."

The AFP also has a nice picture of Ahmet Davutoglu and Olli Rehn, the EU's enlargement commissioner, smugly smiling and shaking hands with one another. They think they've got it in the bag. They think they can ride roughshod over the European people and inflict a perhaps mortal blow on European civilisation. And perhaps they can. We need to find a way to stop them.

I sent an email to the great Olli Rehn recently, pointing out the responses to articles about Turkish EU membership in the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph, which indicated the overwhelming opposition to Turkish entry of people from both the left and right wings of the political spectrum. Of course the great man didn't deign to reply to an insect like me. If you're an EU citizen, why not make your feelings known to him at the email address below :


The only way we can stop this nightmare from occurring to is to make these people quail in their plush offices; make them fear for their perks, their no-tax salaries and their chauffeur-driven limousines; let them feel the hot breath of popular anger at their backs.

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