Monday, 30 November 2009

The situation of Christian churches in Turkey

The brave decision of the Swiss people to resist the defacement of their city skylines by alien architectural features has been greeted with clamour worldwide.

There is talk of this democratic decision being somehow overturned in an international court. The UN's "Special Commissioner on Religious Freedom" has denounced it. How strange then that these various international potentates say nothing about the overt and covert discrimination against the Christian faith and other faiths in the Islamic world.

Let us remember that Muslims have not been prevented from building mosques in Switzerland. Only minarets have been banned. Yet in many Islamic countries, it is either impossible or almost impossible to establish a Christian church. This is the case in Turkey, for example, the supposedly "englightened" Islamic country.

Christians in Turkey face massive bureaucratic resistance if they attempt to set up a Christian church. Although permitted in theory, in practice, it is essentially impossible. Christians are encouraged, instead, to form "associations". They are forced to meet and worship in private rooms. They are not allowed to display symbols of their faith, such as crosses, on the walls.

You can read fuller descriptions of this anti-Christian discrimination here.

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