Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Turkey's EU Application Progresses

Another chapter, the Environment chapter, has been opened in Turkey's negotiations to join the European Union. This means that 11 out of the total 35 chapters have been opened, 1 of which has been concluded. Meanwhile, the Turks are squawking about not having been granted visa-free travel in Europe.

Sp despite all the humming and hawing, despite all the reservations expressed by various people, despite van Rumpuy becoming EU president, Sarkozy being elected in France and Merkel consolidating her power in Germany, Turkey's application is still progressing. This is frightening. What does it take to stop this? Why don't Sarkozy or Merkel or Cyprus just veto it? Otherwise the Turks can just wait until the left-wing (and Turkey-supporting) opposition gets in in France or Germany and the nightmare becomes real. Sarkozy needs to step up and do the right thing for Europe.

Orthodox Patriarch Feels "Crucified" and "Second-class citizen" in Turkey

An amazing report on the American "60 Minutes" documentary programme about the situation of the Orthodox Patriarch in Turkey.

Be sure and watch the video here. It's about 15 minutes long.

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Key points emerging from it:

There are now only about 4000 orthodox Christians remaining in Turkey, although there were about 1 million at the start of the 20th century. Those people have been forced out!

The Turks have confiscated or shut down many Christians churches and seminaries where new priests are trained. They also bizarrely claim the right to insist that the Orthodox Patriarch, who represents 300 million Christians around the world, must be Turkish!

The Patriarch is regularly insulted and threated by our enlightened Turkish friends.

Here is Michael Huffington's response to this video on the Huffington Post, also worth reading.

"Turkey has no place in the European Union"


"Turkey is not a European country. Most of its land mass is in Asia Minor. It is not ethnically, socially, culturally or religiously European. Yet the U.S. government (especially under President George W. Bush) has lobbied the Europeans forcefully to admit Turkey into the EU because Turkey is our military ally, and the American military and political establishment didn't want them falling into the Russian or the Iranian sphere of influence."

And, incidentally, we now know what it takes to get an anti-Turkish article published on the Huffington Post: you just need to have been married to Arianna.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Turk Convicted of Murdering Own Daughter in Britain

An example of the kind of cultural enrichment Turkey has in store for Europe.

Note the perpetrator, Mehmet Goren, was ordered to be deported from the country after he was convicted of attacking someone with an axe. However, he successfully appealed against the deportation order. What is wrong with this country? If you can't deport mad axemen, who can you deport?

The Turks Have the Duchess of York Running Scared

Truly incredible, this one. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, exposes the shocking abuse that takes place at orphanages in Turkey and the Turks file criminal complaints against her because she allegedly violated some bogus privacy laws. Apparently these absurd legal fictions have some force in European countries, so that the Duchess is now afraid of being extradited. Why do Turkey's barbaric laws have any legal force in Europe?

As a result of being intimidated, Sarah Ferguson is now trying to suppress publication of the book, Undercover by Chris Rogers, about her visit to Turkey, which she initially collaborated on willingly.

This is ironic, to say the least, considering the quote from Sarah Ferguson herself which appears on the book's blurb on Amazon :

"'Chris Rogers' reports made me realise that I needed to come out of the corner... be true to myself about what I stand for and not be worried about who I may upset in the process. Chris and I have become a team: he is the 'exposer' and I am the activist, the campaigner. Sarah Duchess of York."

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Favourite Erdogan Quotes

I thought I'd create a thread collecting some of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's most memorable quotes. I'll add to it over time.

"It is not possible for those who belong to the Muslim faith to carry out genocide." Source

"There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it." Source

"The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers..." [Note: this is actually a poem that Erdogan was quoting. He spent four months in prison because of this speech.] Source

"Assimilation is a crime against humanity", addressing an audience of Turks in Germany. Source

"We did not commit a crime, therefore we do not need to apologise." - on the Armenian genocide. Source

"There is no doubt he is our friend," on Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Source

"Islamophobia is a crime against humanity, adding that no one can attack things that are sacred to Muslims using freedom of expression as an excuse." Source

Monday, 14 December 2009

Amnesty International Denounces Turkey For Banning Kurdish Party

Of course this Kurdish party was only formed after the Turks banned the last one in 2005. In restrained language, Amnesty International notes that Turkey's laws "fail to meet international standards".

More on Turkey's Staggering Hypocrisy on the Swiss Minaret Ban

Here is a German television piece on Turkish hypocrisy. A translation is provided.

This separate article quotes a Turk admitting that "it is practically impossible to build a new church in Turkey, or even return an old unused church to its original use" and describes some of the obstacles Christians face.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Some Choice Extracts of Remarks Made By Erdogan in a TV Interview

Erdogan recently gave an interview to Russia today.

Continued Denial of the Armenian Genocide

"...Besides, the Turkish nation, our grandparents, did not commit genocide. They just would not have done it ... The Ottoman Empire would not have fallen for such a mistake."

"What happened was the deportation of people from one area to another, which caused certain conflicts. Both sides suffered losses. You can see this clearly in the historical records as we have opened up our archives now. What we say now is that Armenia should give access to its archives and let investigators do their research so that we can reach a solution. Simple as that. But Armenia is not doing this, and since this is the case, they do not have the grounds to accuse Turkey. We will never accept blame for such a thing."

We are already in the EU

"What we are saying is regardless of whether you accept Turkey or not, we are already in the EU. There are five million Turks in EU countries already."

Is this not outrageous? He is asserting some claim to authority over people of Turkish descent living in the EU. Does this not legitimise fears expressed by some people about the "dual loyalties" of Muslims?

Turkey Sets up its EU Campaign HQ in a Confiscated Christian Building

Undhimmi reports that the Turks have set up their HQ for their campaign to get into the European Union in a building confiscated from the former Orthodox Christian community.

This is especially ironic, of course, in light of the Erdogan's huffing and puffing about the Swiss minaret vote - in response to which he urged Muslims to invest their money in Turkey instead of Switzerland.

The article also reports some more interesting facts about Turkish social attitudes:

More than half of Turks oppose non-Muslim religious meetings

59 percent of those surveyed said non-Muslims either “should not” or “absolutely should not” be allowed to hold open meetings where they can discuss their ideas.

54 percent said non-Muslims either “should not” or “absolutely should not” be allowed to publish literature that describes their faith.

49 percent of those surveyed said they would either “absolutely” or “most likely” not support a political party that accepted people from another religion.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Shady Background of the Independent Commission on Turkey

There is an interesting article in the Irish Left Review which casts some light on the backgrounds of those active in the so-called Independent Commission on Turkey, the propaganda organisation part financed by the British Council, part financed by the American George Soros, which lobbies on behalf of Turkish membership.

It seems that quite a few of them have either been caught or are strongly suspected of taking bribes or dipping their hands in the till. In particular, Martti Ahtisaari, is alleged to have taken 40 million Euros in bribes from the Albanian mafia (Muslims) to recommend independence for Kosovo when he was UN Special Envoy, and to have received the services of prostitutes from them as well.

No surprise here, really. I have already commented that the Sibel Edmonds affair in the United States, which brought to light massive bribery and blackmail operations being conducted by the Turkish state against senior American politicians, indicated a strong likelihood that such operations were also being carried out in Europe to smooth the way for Turkey's EU membership application.