Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Orthodox Patriarch Feels "Crucified" and "Second-class citizen" in Turkey

An amazing report on the American "60 Minutes" documentary programme about the situation of the Orthodox Patriarch in Turkey.

Be sure and watch the video here. It's about 15 minutes long.

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Key points emerging from it:

There are now only about 4000 orthodox Christians remaining in Turkey, although there were about 1 million at the start of the 20th century. Those people have been forced out!

The Turks have confiscated or shut down many Christians churches and seminaries where new priests are trained. They also bizarrely claim the right to insist that the Orthodox Patriarch, who represents 300 million Christians around the world, must be Turkish!

The Patriarch is regularly insulted and threated by our enlightened Turkish friends.

Here is Michael Huffington's response to this video on the Huffington Post, also worth reading.

"Turkey has no place in the European Union"


"Turkey is not a European country. Most of its land mass is in Asia Minor. It is not ethnically, socially, culturally or religiously European. Yet the U.S. government (especially under President George W. Bush) has lobbied the Europeans forcefully to admit Turkey into the EU because Turkey is our military ally, and the American military and political establishment didn't want them falling into the Russian or the Iranian sphere of influence."

And, incidentally, we now know what it takes to get an anti-Turkish article published on the Huffington Post: you just need to have been married to Arianna.

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