Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Shady Background of the Independent Commission on Turkey

There is an interesting article in the Irish Left Review which casts some light on the backgrounds of those active in the so-called Independent Commission on Turkey, the propaganda organisation part financed by the British Council, part financed by the American George Soros, which lobbies on behalf of Turkish membership.

It seems that quite a few of them have either been caught or are strongly suspected of taking bribes or dipping their hands in the till. In particular, Martti Ahtisaari, is alleged to have taken 40 million Euros in bribes from the Albanian mafia (Muslims) to recommend independence for Kosovo when he was UN Special Envoy, and to have received the services of prostitutes from them as well.

No surprise here, really. I have already commented that the Sibel Edmonds affair in the United States, which brought to light massive bribery and blackmail operations being conducted by the Turkish state against senior American politicians, indicated a strong likelihood that such operations were also being carried out in Europe to smooth the way for Turkey's EU membership application.


  1. Soros and bribery go togeather. Corruption also
    goes with the elected in Washing DC

  2. Does the term 'Devious Turks' ring a bell?

  3. Turkey should never be allowed entrance in the EU.

    Keep up the great work!