Saturday, 12 December 2009

Some Choice Extracts of Remarks Made By Erdogan in a TV Interview

Erdogan recently gave an interview to Russia today.

Continued Denial of the Armenian Genocide

"...Besides, the Turkish nation, our grandparents, did not commit genocide. They just would not have done it ... The Ottoman Empire would not have fallen for such a mistake."

"What happened was the deportation of people from one area to another, which caused certain conflicts. Both sides suffered losses. You can see this clearly in the historical records as we have opened up our archives now. What we say now is that Armenia should give access to its archives and let investigators do their research so that we can reach a solution. Simple as that. But Armenia is not doing this, and since this is the case, they do not have the grounds to accuse Turkey. We will never accept blame for such a thing."

We are already in the EU

"What we are saying is regardless of whether you accept Turkey or not, we are already in the EU. There are five million Turks in EU countries already."

Is this not outrageous? He is asserting some claim to authority over people of Turkish descent living in the EU. Does this not legitimise fears expressed by some people about the "dual loyalties" of Muslims?

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