Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Turkey's EU Application Progresses

Another chapter, the Environment chapter, has been opened in Turkey's negotiations to join the European Union. This means that 11 out of the total 35 chapters have been opened, 1 of which has been concluded. Meanwhile, the Turks are squawking about not having been granted visa-free travel in Europe.

Sp despite all the humming and hawing, despite all the reservations expressed by various people, despite van Rumpuy becoming EU president, Sarkozy being elected in France and Merkel consolidating her power in Germany, Turkey's application is still progressing. This is frightening. What does it take to stop this? Why don't Sarkozy or Merkel or Cyprus just veto it? Otherwise the Turks can just wait until the left-wing (and Turkey-supporting) opposition gets in in France or Germany and the nightmare becomes real. Sarkozy needs to step up and do the right thing for Europe.

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