Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Turkish Connection to Russian Bombing

The Telegraph today reports on a Turkish connection to the recent horrific bombing in Russia.

It seems the "Black Widow" terrorists were trained in Turkey:

Investigators said the late terrorist, whose real name was Alexander Tikhomirov, had recruited 30 potential female suicide bombers in Chechnya and Ingushetia and dispatched them to Turkey to be taught the precepts of radical Islam in an unnamed Madrasah.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Turkish PM Demands Turkish Colonies in Europe

Yes, this is the effect of what Erdogan has said. He has demanded that Turkish-language schools be set up in Germany, has offered to send Turkish teachers to staff them, has demanded that ethnic Turks living in Germany be allowed to hold dual Turkish-German citizenship and has proclaimed that he is the Prime Minister of Germany's ethnic Turks.

Is this not utterly astonishing? This is like the European powers demanding special extra-territorial rights in China in the 19th century. Except in this case, it's the primitive, undeveloped nation making the demands. And what is the response of Europe's elite. Polite demurral. This outrageous provocation ought to have resulted in the instant termination of Turkey's EU membership application. Instead, it trundles along, steadily progressing.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bombshell: We Need to Inoculate European Culture with Turkish Culture

"We need to inoculate European culture with Turkish culture."

Those are the chilling words of a Turkish government official speaking at a jamboree recently hosted in Istanbul. The all-expenses paid invitees were Europeans of Turkish descent who hold influential positions within Europe. The Turkish government apparently expects these people to act as its agents of influence "inoculating European culture with Turkish culture."

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan spoke at the event and repeated his infamous declaration that "Assimilation is a crime against humanity." He urged his "people" to take citizenship in the European countries they had infiltrated, however. Not to integrate, of course. Just so they could acquire voting rights which they could then use to further Turkish interests.

This is like the conspiratorial Protocols of the Elders of Zion fantasy about the Jews, except this time it's the Turks and it's real.

To their credit, a few German politicians of Turkish descent declined the invitations or expressed unease about them. Der Spiegel published an article about the incident (in English) which you can read here.

Turkey Threatens to Expel Armenians

In response to recent initiatives in the Swedish and American parliaments to recognise the Turkish genocide - both notably opposed by the Swedish and American governments who would much rather do without these irritating outbreaks of democracy - Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has threatened to expel the country's 100,000 Armenians who do not have Turkish citizenship.

He is effectively promising a second Armenian Genocide in a fit of pique about people talking about the first. The Times has denounced his actions in an editorial here.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Turks Pass Laws to Preserve Their Racial Purity

There is no other reasonable interpretation of this latest Turkish government initiative to ban trips abroad for the purpose of receiving artificial insemination medical treatment. Of course the Turks claim it's all about children's inheritance rights.

In truth, it was almost certainly provoked by the decision of the Turkish actress, Guner Ozkul, to bear a child following artificial insemination at a clinic in Denmark. Turkish nationalists must have been furious at the thought of white, European genes gestating in her womb.

People in the west tend to underestimate the savagery and strength of Turkish nationalism. It seems so obvious to us that Turkey is a pitiful third world wasteland that the idea of someone being hysterically proud of it just seems a little far-fetched. But not to the Turks. They are madly proud of the wasteland they have made.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

British artist fined for Insulting Turkish PM

Only banana republics fine people for insulting their dignitaries.
The artist, who lived in Turkey, was prosecuted for producing this picture.

The Policies of Britain's Political Parties on Turkish EU Accession

This week a debate-cum-discussion took place at Chatham House, featuring those in charge of foreign policy in each of Britain's three major political parties. If you're so inclined, you can read the full transcript of the debate, or even watch video of it here.

The topic of Turkey's potential EU accession came up. So let's see what passes for vigorous debate in Britain's pseudo-democracy.

First up was David Milliband, potentially the next Labour leader and Britain's current foreign secretary.

"On, I think, Turkey, I'm glad you called it; you said it should be in the list of rising powers. I think it is remarkable that in this country we have three political parties supporting the position of Turkish entry into the European Union. I think it's a very, very significant, I think it's the only country in Europe that's got that degree of consistency. I wouldn't want to be held to it, but I
think it's very, very important. There is a massive debate going on within Turkey, as well as within the EU, and it think they're two sides of the same coin, really. I am very, very clear that for reasons of energy, never mind for bridge-building with the Islamic world, the relationship of the EU to Turkey is of major geo-strategic importance over the next 20 years, and it's absolutely
clear that if we turn the European Union to effectively a sort of Christian club, where you can't come in because you're a country of 80 million Muslims, that is a terrible message to send, but in substantive terms, we're absolutely shooting ourselves in the foot on the energy front."

On to William Hague, the Conservative shadow foreign secretary:

"...I won't labour the point about Turkey. There is cross-party agreement I think for us to turn Turkey away from the EU would be catastrophic strategic error for European nations, but we are in agreement about that..."

Last and least was Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat shadow foreign secretary:

"On Turkey I think there's agreement. I'd just go further. The significance or strategic significance of Turkey, given that it borders Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, I think, I'm not sure if my map’s right. But it's a huge player there."
[Note: in case you think I'm making this up as a joke, I'm not.]

He goes on:
"But on that basis in terms of energy issues facing the EU, in terms of drug trafficking, a whole range of issues, Turkey is absolutely critical to. And I think we've got to talk to our other European partners, who are worried possibly in times of recession, about the issues of mobility of labour across the EU. Let's, we've got to face up to these issues. Truth is the European Union will
be stronger with Turkey there. Our economies will be more prosperous."

How will our economies be more prosperous? What the hell does he mean? Does this fool even know that Turkey already has full free trade with the EU as if it was already a member state? There is no conceivable way that Turkey's admission to the EU could make the EU more prosperous.

Davey continues:
"We've got to have a more grown up debate about immigration within the European Union, because it's a real strength, and Britain I think could be a real strong voice in that area."

Immigration is a real strength? This guy is still living in the multicultural Marxist dreamworld of 30 years ago. It is frightening how out of touch these "elite" politicos are with ordinary people.

According to a recent survey, 69% of the British population think immigration has had a detrimental effect on society. 54 per cent said immigration would be the main issue in the upcoming election or the one that would decide the way they voted.

But that doesn't matter in the Soviet Republic of Britain does it? There is overwhelming public opposition to immigration, especially the immigration of Muslims. But there is cross-party consensus in favour of it. There is overwhelming public opposition to the admission of Turkey into the EU. But there is cross-party consensus in favour of it. In Britain democracy is like a wrestling match, a contrived combat spectacle among people who pretend to be fierce rivals but, in reality, go out to the pub together after the lights are off and the punters are gone.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Turkey's Republic of Fear

Excellent article in the Wall Street Journal on the unheralded triumph of Islamic extremism in Turkey:

"Last week's arrests in Turkey of dozens of high-ranking military officers mark the country's latest step toward authoritarianism. Neither Europe nor the United States can afford to ignore Turkey's transformation.

Since coming to power in 2002, the ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP) and ultra-conservative Fethullah Gulen Movement have gained significant leverage over the police and media. Emulating Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the AKP has made selective use of the legal code to effectively silence the country's two largest independent media groups.

Dogan, which owns about half of the media outlets in the country, faces a record $3.5 billion fine on delayed tax payments. Liberal media mogul Mehmet Emin Karamehmet has been sentenced to 12 years in jail on charges related to dealings at his bank for which he was earlier acquitted. Editors now think twice before running stories critical of the government..."

Read the full article here.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Turks Forced to Confront Their Own Savagery

The resolution of the American Foreign Affairs Committee, calling for President Obama to recognise the Armenian Genocide for what it was, and to call it by its name, forces Turks to confront their own savage past. Decades of denial have made what ought to have been a rather unremarkable resolution - like one calling for Obama to recognise that the sky was blue - into a potential watershed event.

The vote now goes to the whole house where its fate is uncertain. Obama had promised to recognise the Armenian genocide when he was still a candidate, but broke that promise along with most of his others and now opposes recognition. Turkey has recalled its ambassador and issued its standard "We have nothing to apologise for" statement in response.

Similar resolutions have been presented for years and always rejected. The Turks have made extraordinary efforts to block American recognition of the Armenian genocide, including engaging in bribery and blackmail of leading American politicians, if Sibel Edmonds is to be believed.

By some accounts, though, the Armenian lobby is the second most powerful in the United States, but it has been hitherto unable to prevail on this issue.

Most likely that was because Turkey had the support of the most powerful lobby of all: the Israeli one. It may be that Israel's support for Turkey has now diminished or disappeared because of Turkey's recent anti-Israeli antics. If so, that is certainly to be welcomed.

Perhaps Americans and Israelis will now consider whether it is in their long-term strategic interests to have Europe's power, resources and sophistication harnessed to the cause of Islam, and alter their lobbying on Turkey's EU membership accordingly.

It truly is an extraordinary spectacle to see any nation, especially one that is held up as a shining example of modernity and moderation, go into such a preposterous sulk when forced to confront truths that are acknowledged by all objective historians. How can anyone in their right mind believe that Turkey - this third-world basket-case nation - is fit to be a member of the European Union?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Turkish Generals Behind Bombing of British and Jewish Targets

For years we've been told about how proudly secular Turkey is. It wasn't like those other wicked Middle Easterners at all. No way. And most virtuous of all was the powerful Turkish military, bastion of secularism against the Islamists.

Except it turns out to be not quite true. It seems our secular Turkish generals were behind the 2003 attack in Istanbul on the British consulate, the HSBC bank and synagogues. Furthermore, according to this article in the Telegraph, they did it in cahoots with Al Qaeda.

Not that I necessarily believe the bit about Al Qaeda, but since the Telegraph is reporting it, you wonder how it can be reconciled with the newspaper's embarrassingly staunch support for Turkey's EU membership. In addition to hosting the blog of MEP and Conservative Friends of Turkey Association member, Daniel Hannan, whose relentless support for Turkey's membership of the EU is matched only by his relentless opposition to Britain's membership of it, the Telegraph periodically weighs in with editorials supporting the Turkish bid. The fact that these editorials invariably encounter overwhelming opposition from the newspaper's readers, as judged by the comments that follow them, appears to no whit deter these editorial desperadoes.

Note that this supportive editorial appeared after the first wave of generals' plot revelations.

It takes the classic "Teetering on the Brink" approach to supporting Turkey. According to this view, Turkey is seen as teetering on the brink between mad islamists and enlightened secularists and European Union membership would be the stabilising force that ensures the secularists prevail. The alternative view, that allowing in any country so demonstrably unstable runs the risk of importing chaos into the European Union, is never given an airing.

The genius of the "Teetering on the Brink" argument is that any evidence of Turkey's unfitness to be an EU member is, paradoxically, held up as evidence of why it needs to be admitted even more urgently. Islamists suppressing the free press? "Omigod, we need to let the Turks in right away to help the secularists out!"

No doubt, this new revelation, that Turkey's "secular" generals conspired to murder a British diplomat and his wife, will be interpreted as evidence that we need to just throw the rule book away for Turkey and let it in right away even though it doesn't meet any civilised standards.