Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Turkish Generals Behind Bombing of British and Jewish Targets

For years we've been told about how proudly secular Turkey is. It wasn't like those other wicked Middle Easterners at all. No way. And most virtuous of all was the powerful Turkish military, bastion of secularism against the Islamists.

Except it turns out to be not quite true. It seems our secular Turkish generals were behind the 2003 attack in Istanbul on the British consulate, the HSBC bank and synagogues. Furthermore, according to this article in the Telegraph, they did it in cahoots with Al Qaeda.

Not that I necessarily believe the bit about Al Qaeda, but since the Telegraph is reporting it, you wonder how it can be reconciled with the newspaper's embarrassingly staunch support for Turkey's EU membership. In addition to hosting the blog of MEP and Conservative Friends of Turkey Association member, Daniel Hannan, whose relentless support for Turkey's membership of the EU is matched only by his relentless opposition to Britain's membership of it, the Telegraph periodically weighs in with editorials supporting the Turkish bid. The fact that these editorials invariably encounter overwhelming opposition from the newspaper's readers, as judged by the comments that follow them, appears to no whit deter these editorial desperadoes.

Note that this supportive editorial appeared after the first wave of generals' plot revelations.

It takes the classic "Teetering on the Brink" approach to supporting Turkey. According to this view, Turkey is seen as teetering on the brink between mad islamists and enlightened secularists and European Union membership would be the stabilising force that ensures the secularists prevail. The alternative view, that allowing in any country so demonstrably unstable runs the risk of importing chaos into the European Union, is never given an airing.

The genius of the "Teetering on the Brink" argument is that any evidence of Turkey's unfitness to be an EU member is, paradoxically, held up as evidence of why it needs to be admitted even more urgently. Islamists suppressing the free press? "Omigod, we need to let the Turks in right away to help the secularists out!"

No doubt, this new revelation, that Turkey's "secular" generals conspired to murder a British diplomat and his wife, will be interpreted as evidence that we need to just throw the rule book away for Turkey and let it in right away even though it doesn't meet any civilised standards.

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