Sunday, 28 March 2010

Turkish PM Demands Turkish Colonies in Europe

Yes, this is the effect of what Erdogan has said. He has demanded that Turkish-language schools be set up in Germany, has offered to send Turkish teachers to staff them, has demanded that ethnic Turks living in Germany be allowed to hold dual Turkish-German citizenship and has proclaimed that he is the Prime Minister of Germany's ethnic Turks.

Is this not utterly astonishing? This is like the European powers demanding special extra-territorial rights in China in the 19th century. Except in this case, it's the primitive, undeveloped nation making the demands. And what is the response of Europe's elite. Polite demurral. This outrageous provocation ought to have resulted in the instant termination of Turkey's EU membership application. Instead, it trundles along, steadily progressing.


  1. In Turkey several internet sites are banned and internet providers that are crucial for worldwide communications are shut down by court order. Sites such as, Myspace,, lastFm,,,,,,,, and several other blogger sites are no longer accessible to those living in Turkey and they remain banned. Please visit and for further information on banned sites and follow up on protests in Turkey.
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    1. Sites banned in turkey discriminate turkey. E.g. racsism in youtube. Racsism and pics of kate. Williams wife nude pics are also banned. Your either anti islam or a pkk terror suporter. Which one?

  2. Considering the financial position that Turkey is in and that of the majority of EU member states I would say that it is the EU who is underdeveloped primitive state.

  3. Strange.. Europeans do not know their best interests. European economy represented over 60% of Global economy in Y2K, 10 yrs later, it is 50%. 2011, the turkish economy is growing faster than any other european country and it would give unbelievable and benefitable soft power mechanisms to Europe for trade.

  4. As a turk living in germany i would want to hold dual citiezinships and having turkish classes at school why is that bad? İ can not see why this is " demanding colonies ".

  5. The producer of this anti turkey is racsist. There is no problem with different scools e.g im on england and there are jewish and frech schools?. Your jist a typical anti islam person