Friday, 5 March 2010

Turks Forced to Confront Their Own Savagery

The resolution of the American Foreign Affairs Committee, calling for President Obama to recognise the Armenian Genocide for what it was, and to call it by its name, forces Turks to confront their own savage past. Decades of denial have made what ought to have been a rather unremarkable resolution - like one calling for Obama to recognise that the sky was blue - into a potential watershed event.

The vote now goes to the whole house where its fate is uncertain. Obama had promised to recognise the Armenian genocide when he was still a candidate, but broke that promise along with most of his others and now opposes recognition. Turkey has recalled its ambassador and issued its standard "We have nothing to apologise for" statement in response.

Similar resolutions have been presented for years and always rejected. The Turks have made extraordinary efforts to block American recognition of the Armenian genocide, including engaging in bribery and blackmail of leading American politicians, if Sibel Edmonds is to be believed.

By some accounts, though, the Armenian lobby is the second most powerful in the United States, but it has been hitherto unable to prevail on this issue.

Most likely that was because Turkey had the support of the most powerful lobby of all: the Israeli one. It may be that Israel's support for Turkey has now diminished or disappeared because of Turkey's recent anti-Israeli antics. If so, that is certainly to be welcomed.

Perhaps Americans and Israelis will now consider whether it is in their long-term strategic interests to have Europe's power, resources and sophistication harnessed to the cause of Islam, and alter their lobbying on Turkey's EU membership accordingly.

It truly is an extraordinary spectacle to see any nation, especially one that is held up as a shining example of modernity and moderation, go into such a preposterous sulk when forced to confront truths that are acknowledged by all objective historians. How can anyone in their right mind believe that Turkey - this third-world basket-case nation - is fit to be a member of the European Union?


  1. Nice small article dealing with the essentials.

    The Israelis, having ascertained full support from USA along all lines, have shown clearly their opposition to a politically United Europe.
    Turkey inside EU would simply cause the end of EU.

    But Turkey under Erdogan, is clearly going Islamic. No sane person believes that Turkey is fit to be a member of EU.
    Not now, Not ever.

    Thank you Cheradenine Zakalwe

    Johan from Sweden

  2. Wow talk about original research! Who sulked? The Turks? Do you know we continue to make advances in technology, economy and the strengthening of our military and we continue to be central to international organizations such as NATO, Blackseafor etc...

    News Flash: Russia has accepted a resolution condemning the native American Indian genocide.

    News Flash: Wake up idiot and smell the political game the Armenians are playing with your easy to brainwash minds.