Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Turks Pass Laws to Preserve Their Racial Purity

There is no other reasonable interpretation of this latest Turkish government initiative to ban trips abroad for the purpose of receiving artificial insemination medical treatment. Of course the Turks claim it's all about children's inheritance rights.

In truth, it was almost certainly provoked by the decision of the Turkish actress, Guner Ozkul, to bear a child following artificial insemination at a clinic in Denmark. Turkish nationalists must have been furious at the thought of white, European genes gestating in her womb.

People in the west tend to underestimate the savagery and strength of Turkish nationalism. It seems so obvious to us that Turkey is a pitiful third world wasteland that the idea of someone being hysterically proud of it just seems a little far-fetched. But not to the Turks. They are madly proud of the wasteland they have made.

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