Saturday, 12 June 2010

Turkey Planning New Free Trade Zone in the Middle East

The Turkish government has announced that it is planning to institute a new free trade zone in the Middle East comprising Turkey itself, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

Turkey has also established visa-free travel arrangements with quite a few of its fellow Middle Eastern nations.

I wonder whether the Eurocrats have taken any of this on board. The free travel of workers and goods is the cornerstone of the EU. For trade purposes, Turkey is already treated as if it was a member of the EU and it is pushing for visa-free travel. Of course, if it succeeds in becoming a member, it will have complete freedom of movement and travel. But Turkey's free trade and visa-free movement arrangements with other Middle Eastern nations will effectively mean that these privileges will have been extended to them, too, all without European citizens or even politicians having been consulted on the matter.

And these countries have notoriously porous borders with their fellow Muslim nations. So, effectively, Europe will have been integrated de facto with the entire Muslim Middle East. The Muslim dream of Eurabia will become a big step closer to reality.

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  1. For a useful account of how Erdogan has irreversibly re-Islamised Turkey see Michael Rubin's detailed account in Pundicity: 'Turkey: from ally to enemy':