Tuesday, 27 July 2010

David Cameron Comes Out of the Closet

So David "Brokeback" Cameron has come out of the closet and declared his support for Turkey's EU membership. Of course this is no great surprise. I made it clear on this blog that all of Britain's establishment parties were supportive of Turkey's EU membership. I even personally emailed David Cameron last year and got a reply confirming it.

It's painful to see the shocked reactions of commenters on the Telegraph who are surprised by Cameron's position, however. These people assumed that a Conservative Prime Minister would see reason on the issue and show some concern about the islamification of Europe. How wrong they were. Cameron rolls out the same cheap rhetoric about "islamophobia" and how the jihadis have "misinterpreted" Islam. Actually, no, David. They're the ones who've interpreted it correctly.

The only consolation from the whole sorry episode is that it has pierced the illusions of many former Conservative voters and convinced them that the solution must come from outside the political mainstream.

Pro-Turkey shill and Conservative Friends of Turkey Association founder member, Daniel Hannan, unsurprisingly endorsed Cameron's stance on his blog and was promptly handed the mother of all bitchslappings by his readership. Of the more than 400 replies to his post, only about 4 or 5 were supportive.

The same pattern repeats itself in every pro-Turkey article we see in the British press (and there are only ever pro-Turkey articles): almost unanimous opposition in the comments from ordinary readers. This is true in right-wing periodicals such as the Telegraph or left-wing periodicals such as the Guardian. Yet the elite presses on with their crazed plans, contemptuous of the people they nominally represent.


  1. I'm sure this speech of Cameron's has shocked many Tory voters.

    I just cannot understand how this intelligent man could have got this so wrong !

    Turkey must not be allowed membership of the EU.

  2. Do you really think he's intelligent? I'm not so sure, but he definately isn't wise and he certainly isn't a Democrat or a Conservative!