Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Reaction to Cameron's Folly From Around the World

Critical reaction pours in from around the world in reaction to David Cameron's folly in Turkey.

The best critique is from Barry Rubin : Cameron goes full retard

Never go full retard, David. You come away empty-handed.

"Suppose you are the British prime minister going to Turkey, or to just about any country. What should you say? The theme should be: We can cooperate and do mutually beneficial things. Here’s what I can do for you; here’s what I’d like you to do for me. And here’s what you must not do in order to reap the benefits of my friendship and favor.

Obviously, you need to dress that up in appropriate language. But everything should be conditional. The message to be delivered is that it is in your interest to respect my interests.

Cameron did the precise and exact opposite. His message was: The UK needs Turkey. Turkey is wonderful. Its behavior has been perfect. We are desperate for your help."

Cameron is a salesman, not a statesman. A salesman tells his hosts what they want to hear; a statesman tells them what they need to hear. Cameron is a salesman.

From Deutsche Welle, France and Germany alienated.

According to this article (in French) in Le Figaro, however, the European Commission is delighted by Cameron's stance.

The Wall Street Journal declares that Cameron has joined the Gaza flotilla. [requires subscription]

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