Thursday, 26 August 2010

Turkish Police Officers Brought in to Try and Restore Order In Turkish-Colonised Parts of Germany


Astonishing news from Germany. Turkish police officers from Turkey are being brought in to try and re-establish order in the Turkish-colonised parts of Germany where crime is now rampant and representatives of the German state, including police, are greeted with hostility and violence.

Local resident of old German city Cologne, Krystal Tank feels like a stranger in her own country. Every day she enjoys the summer parks and life in the Cologne suburb when off work, but she feels totally outnumbered.

“It all happened very silently,” she recalls. “The German population moved away, their children were taken out of the schools, and suddenly there were only Turks here,” Krystal Tank told RT.

Recall that German chancellor Angela Merkel already agreed to set up Turkish language schools for pupils of Turkish descent within Germany and to let teachers from Turkey come to teach at them.

Erdogan, shockingly, insists that Turks living abroad, including Germany, owe a duty of loyalty to him as Turkey's leader. Earlier this year, diaspora Turks from all over Europe who had achieved positions of influence within the countries they had settled in were summoned to Ankara to be given instructions by Erdogan about how they should advance the Turkish agenda.

It seems the German government is now accepting the validity of the Turkish government's extraordinary extra-territorial claims. Imperialistic Turkish colonies are now being established on German soil.

Is this the future of Europe if our political elite get their wish and Turkey joins the European Union? Turkish children being educated in Turkish by teachers from Turkey in colonised districts policed by police officers from Turkey, all paid for by the European dhimmi taxpayers of course?

Has there ever in history been such a clear case of civilisational suicide?

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Daniel Hannan

Daniel Hannan is a founder member of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association. The charter of this organisation commits its members to lobby for Turkey's accession to the EU.

When I challenged him on his blog about the hypocrisy of his campaigning to get Britain out of the EU and Turkey into it, he responded with a quasi-theological evasion: he said he wanted Turkey to be offered EU membership but didn't necessarily want them to accept the offer and hoped they would decline it! Of course this is absurd. Hannan knows full well that the Turks will accept EU membership - with eager and grasping hands - if we are foolish enough to offer it to them.

Many people who feel left out of the political mainstream are attracted to Daniel Hannan because he dares to articulate a few unconventional points of view, particularly in relation to the European Union and Britain's membership of it. They fail to see, however, that on issues such as immigration, islamification and Turkey's prospective membership of the EU, Hannan is a fully-paid up member of the establishment he affects to rebel against.

Hannan blogs regularly on the Telegraph website. He covers a wide range of subjects but, curiously, tends to avoid the topic of Islam and the effect it is having on British life. Perhaps this is because the few blog posts he has made on the subject have tended to provoke an overwhelmingly hostile response from his otherwise sympathetic readership.

His blog post endorsing David Cameron's support for Turkey's entry to the EU attracted a staggering 600+ responses, almost all of them fiercely hostile. In this blog post, Hannan calls for British madrassahs to be established. Hannan also wrote a comment piece for the Telegraph, defending Britain's Muslims against charges of disloyalty.
Did you know, for example, that death by stoning is not mentioned anywhere in the Koran? Its scriptural sanction comes from the Old Testament. But, read any internet discussion, and you will find two sets of people claiming that stoning forms part of Islamic jurisdiction anyway: Islamic fundamentalists, and anti-Islamists.

This is the kind of tripe that we commonly hear from Muslim apologists.

He goes on "I have yet to meet a Muslim constituent who wants such punishments in Britain."

No, but polls show a majority of them do want Sharia, and that 36% of the 16-24 Muslim age group believe that Muslims who abandon their faith should be executed.

Hannan continues:
Few Muslims, however, share their obsession with conflicts that are as remote from their ancestral countries as from Britain. My fellow Euro MP, Syed Kamall, is a good Muslim: he keeps the fast, tries to pray five times a day and does his best to bring his sons up with a full understanding of his faith.

But he becomes impatient when people try to drag him into arguments about Palestine, Kashmir or Iraq. "I was elected to represent London," he says. "The future of Iraq is for Iraqi politicians to decide."

This is a clear falsehood. Muslims do get agitated about foreign conflicts involving other Muslims. Indeed, most of the problems we have with Muslims derive from the simple fact that they identify more strongly with foreign Muslims than they do with their own countrymen.

In an interview posted on the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association website, Hannan admits "I have been a Turcophile since my teens". Later he says that his fascination with Turkey began when he studied the Gallipoli campaign:
I studied the period at Oxford, and visited the Straits (and
the rest of the country) when I graduated. I now have many friends there.

When asked what he thought Turkey could do to speed up the accession process, Hannan replies:
Turkey has already done everything it has been asked, but see how it has been treated in return.

So Turkey has done everything asked of it even though it has successfully closed almost none of the accession chapters that have been opened?

It is clear that Hannan is a committed pro-Turkey propagandist and no rational argument is going to sway him from his commitment.

One of Hannan's stock phrases is that "referendums are always and everywhere a good thing". I have asked him repeatedly on his blog whether he would be in favour of referendums being held in the countries of the EU on whether Turkey should be admitted as a member. He has repeatedly declined to answer.

Hannan worked as a leader writer for the Daily Telegraph. It may have been his influence that caused the Daily Telegraph to adopt the pro-Turkey editorial position that it currently favours, one that goes against the overwhelming sentiment of its readership, as expressed in the comments to its editorials on the subject.

Hannan also previously worked as a speechwriter for William Hague, the current Foreign Secretary. Hague, too, now favours Turkey's admission to the EU. Did Hannan play a role in influencing him to support that position?

If so, Hannan's influence has been extraordinarily destructive. He and Boris Johnson have been described as the two most influential Conservatives who do not owe their positions or platforms to David Cameron. Tragically, both are passionate supporters of the Turkish cause, both founder members of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association, one of them of Turkish descent and the other with many friends in Turkey and an irrational sentimental attachment to it.

The great issue of our times is the islamification of the countries of the West - the stealth jihad being pursued through demographics rather than bombs. Within that broader conflict, no single issue is more important than the question of whether Turkey joins the EU. If Turkey's 80 million Muslims gain entry to the EU, the differential birth-rates mean that Europe will inevitably be transformed into Eurabia, and all of Europe's power, wealth and sophistication will be harnessed to the greater goals of the jihad.

However appealing Hannan's affable demeanour or maverick positions on other issues may be, on the great issue of our times he is resolutely on the wrong side. He is a traitor to European civilisation, just like all the others.

UPDATE: See this post on Daniel Hannan's shameful denial of the Armenian Genocide.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Erdogan Acts Like a Third World Despot

Turkey is currently in the throes of political campaigning as the referendum on a new constitution approaches. Erdogan, the Turkish president, is campaigning frantically for a Yes vote and acting like a third world despot in the process.

Recently, he publicly threatened TUSIAD, the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen's Association, with "elimination" unless it took a public stance on the upcoming referendum. "Declare your stance. If it is no, say 'no.' If it is yes, say 'yes' [...] He who is neutral will be eliminated," said Erdogan during a television debate.

To its credit, TUSIAD resisted the pressure, stating:
"The warning was an unfortunate act and will certainly not serve the cause of strengthening the role of civil society in modern societies."

Erdogan's AKP party also made insinuations about Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the main opposition party, claiming that because he had an Armenian mother and a Kurdish father his ethnic origins were not "legitimate".

The conduct we have seen from Erdogan and his party during the referendum campaign is well outwith the norms of civilised countries, thus making it clear once again that Turkey has no place in the European Union.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Turkey Still Trading Oil With Iran Despite US and European Sanctions

Both the US and European Union recently imposed stringent sanctions targeting Iran's trade in energy products. Turkey, however, has declared that it will continue the energy trade with Iran regardless. Turkey has thus allied itself with China and Russia, who likewise are continuing to supply Iran with refined fuel and energy-related engineering products.

This should, perhaps, come as no surprise as Turkish President Erdogan once said of Iranian president Ahmadinijad "There is no doubt he is our friend." On Turkey's relationship with Iran he once said, "As a friend so far we have very good relations and have had no difficulty at all."

Bizarrely, however, most members of the Western political elite continue to insist that Turkey is a western-oriented nation whose politics and worldview are line with those of Europe and America. Why do they continue to maintain this falsehood despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary? It remains a mystery.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Turkey Using Chemical Weapons Against Kurds

The respected German newsmagazine Der Spiegel has obtained horrific photos of mutilated corpses and body parts, said to be those of Kurdish PKK fighters involved in an uprising against the Turkish government. Der Spiegel submitted these photos to independent experts who agree that they appear to indicate the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish military. This represents a gross violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, to which Turkey is a signatory.

If you can read German, the original article is here. Haaretz has an English-language recapitulation of it here.

So we now have Turkey doing exactly what Saddam was so heavily criticised for, using chemical weapons against minority groups, yet Turkey's EU application is still on track. Can you imagine Saddam Hussein's Iraq being admitted to the EU? That is the madness we are now forced to contemplate.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Turkish Government Interference in Non-Muslim Religious Affairs

Did you know that the Turkish government assumes the prerogative of interfering in the religious affairs of its Jewish, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic faith communities? That it assumes the right to stipulate the conditions under which elections for the leadership of those faith communities can be held? It even specifies the title that the spiritual leaders of those churches are allowed to use and insists that they be Turkish citizens and demands that the choice of leader is "trustworthy in the eyes of the Turkish government".

There is no lawful basis for the government to act in this way. It is just a "Turkish tradition"; and the practitioners of these minority faiths simply comply with the tradition out of fear of more state-sanctioned persecution of minority faiths. And what do the governments of the West have to say about this, those governments that are happy to publicly chide Switzerland for its referendum-approved plan to slightly limit the choice of architectural features on certain religious buildings? Absolutely nothing.

Are these civilised standards? Is this the way that a "modern, European" nation acts? No it not.

This article, entitled "TURKEY: Why state interference in the election of Chief Rabbi, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Patriarchs?" from Forum18 provides the best account I have read yet of Turkish government interference in religious affairs.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Too Many People Are Saying Turkey's Accession to the EU Cannot Happen

I often see people saying that we needn't worry about Turkey's possible accession to the EU. They usually cite two or three of the reasons why it would be a terrible idea and then conclude that something so manifestly insane could never happen. Here is an example of it here in Geoffrey Wheatcroft's article in the New Republic.

But this idea that it could never happen is dangerously naive. It overestimates the rationality of our political class. It overestimates their respect for the electorate. And it underestimates their subservience to Washington. Remember that much of the pressure for this is coming from the Americans.

It is simply irresponsible to say that an idea supported almost unanimously by the political class (at least in the UK), by the journalistic elite, by almost all of the governments of Europe, an idea that has been pursued doggedly for decades, cannot happen. These people are going to make it happen unless we, the people of Europe, stop them.

In Britain, there is no dissent from within the political mainstream about Turkish accession. You would need to vote UKIP or BNP to register a protest against it and, as I found out during the recent general election, many constituencies don't even have a UKIP or BNP candidate.

Many people are taking comfort in the false notion that France or Germany will always be there to block it. Not so. Both Sarkozy and Merkel came to power promising to stop Turkey's accession to the EU. Yet Turkey's accession to the EU is still on track and has even made progress during their time in power. Perhaps they have slowed it down, but they haven't stopped it. And both of the left-wing opposition parties in Germany and France support Turkish accession. Sarkozy and Merkel might well lose their next elections, to be replaced by pro-Turkey, pro-Muslim, pro-third world socialists.

And who will be left then to block it? Cyprus and Austria. Both small countries. Both capable of being pressured, morally and financially. Are they going to have the fortitude to hold out on their own while being browbeaten by all the other large countries of Europe? I, for one, am not confident of that.

No. If you think that the idea of Turkey joining the EU is completely insane, then you need to start doing something about it. Write to your political representatives. Make your views known. Make sure the supporters of this mad project pay a price for it. Publicise their views so other people can react to them too. Unless enough people get actively involved in opposing this insanity, it is going to come about.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Staggering hypocrisy from Douglas "the friend of Turkey" Carswell

There is a story in the Daily Mail today about the diminishing number of people identifying themselves as "white British" in NHS maternity wards. In the heavily Muslim-colonised Bradford, only 34% do so, while in parts of London, the proportion of white British is barely over 10%.

Most interestingly for our purposes, however, the article quotes Conservative MP Douglas Carswell bemoaning this fact:

'I think we have to face reality and that is if you continue to have mass immigration it's going to have a very significant impact on the demography of our country - and it's going to have a significant impact perhaps on the sort of country that we are.'

This is the most extraordinary hypocrisy from Carswell. Along with his mate Daniel Hannan, he is a founder member of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association whose charter commits it to lobbying for Turkey's entry to the EU.

If Turkey gets into the EU, Carswell, where do you think a large percentage of its 80 million swart-skinned Muslims are going to end up? Do you think it's possible that they, too, could have a "significant impact on the demography of our country", Carswell? Do you think that they, too, could have a "significant impact perhaps on the sort of country that we are"?

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon to form Free Trade Zone

The Syrian Economic and Trade Ministry has announced that Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are to form a free trade zone.

Have the Eurocrats taken note of this? Or the visa-free travel arrangements that Turkey has already established with other Middle Eastern countries? Did the Turks consult with the EU before doing this?

Extending free trade and free movement privileges to Turkey now means de facto extending them to virtually the entire Middle East.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Boris the Turk

This is the first in a new series of profiles of some of the main conspirators plotting to destroy European civilisation by admitting Turkey to the European Union.

Boris Johnson, as he styles himself, is the mayor of London. His grandfather was one Ali Kemal Bey, a Turk. So Boris' real name is Boris Kemal. Although Boris Kemal likes to adopt a caricature English toff persona, he is actually an American. Born in New York in 1964, until very recently he had American nationality.

Boris Kemal is a founder member of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association and regularly uses his column in the Daily Telegraph to support the Turkish cause.

When Boris Kemal won the mayoral election in London, the headlines in the Turkish press read as follows:

London’s new boss is Turkish Johnson
Ali Kemal’s Grandchild’s Victory in London
Turkish Johnson unseated Ken

Boris Kemal's father, Stanley Johnson (really Stanley Kemal) said the following in an interview, shedding an interesting light on the pro-Turkish sympathies that must have been inculcated into Boris during his childhood years:

"I stayed in regular touch with my Turkish family over the years."

"I regret very much the length of time that it has taken to conclude the arrangements for Turkey’s accession to the EU which were outlined in principle as long ago as the sixties. I am gratified to learn that my cousin Selim is now responsible for this important dossier in his current role in the Turkish foreign ministry as deputy secretary for economic affairs. Britain, of course, has long been a strong advocate of Turkey’s accession to the EU, so Selim will probably not need to send any urgent text messages to Boris’s mobile phone, asking for help!"

Despite Andrew Gilligan's exposure of the East London Mosque as a front for the extremist IFE, Boris Kemal has, perhaps unsurprisingly, always had good relations with it. Boris has even visited the mosque personally (see picture).

Some quotes from Boris Kemal (aka Boris Johnson):

"My great-grandfather knew the Koran by heart and I am proud of my Islamic ancestry."

"Islam is a religion of peace and has made huge contributions to the development of our society."

In the video below, Boris the Turk boasts of being of "Muslim extraction".

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Finally, an Article in the British Press Opposing Turkey's EU Entry

It finally happened! Just as I was getting ready to write a blog post on the curious fact that I had never seen a single article in the mainstream British press opposing Turkey's entry to the EU, one actually appears. Hail Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail!

And it's an excellent article too, making some great points. Hitchens notes that while women in Iran wear the veil because they are forced to, the women in Turkey do it because they want to.

And when Hitchens talks to a wide range of Turkish intellectuals, from opposite ends of the political spectrum, what seems common to them all is their absolute contempt for Europe. Why are our politicians proposing to let these savages into the European Union when they feel nothing but contempt for us?