Monday, 2 August 2010

Boris the Turk

This is the first in a new series of profiles of some of the main conspirators plotting to destroy European civilisation by admitting Turkey to the European Union.

Boris Johnson, as he styles himself, is the mayor of London. His grandfather was one Ali Kemal Bey, a Turk. So Boris' real name is Boris Kemal. Although Boris Kemal likes to adopt a caricature English toff persona, he is actually an American. Born in New York in 1964, until very recently he had American nationality.

Boris Kemal is a founder member of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association and regularly uses his column in the Daily Telegraph to support the Turkish cause.

When Boris Kemal won the mayoral election in London, the headlines in the Turkish press read as follows:

London’s new boss is Turkish Johnson
Ali Kemal’s Grandchild’s Victory in London
Turkish Johnson unseated Ken

Boris Kemal's father, Stanley Johnson (really Stanley Kemal) said the following in an interview, shedding an interesting light on the pro-Turkish sympathies that must have been inculcated into Boris during his childhood years:

"I stayed in regular touch with my Turkish family over the years."

"I regret very much the length of time that it has taken to conclude the arrangements for Turkey’s accession to the EU which were outlined in principle as long ago as the sixties. I am gratified to learn that my cousin Selim is now responsible for this important dossier in his current role in the Turkish foreign ministry as deputy secretary for economic affairs. Britain, of course, has long been a strong advocate of Turkey’s accession to the EU, so Selim will probably not need to send any urgent text messages to Boris’s mobile phone, asking for help!"

Despite Andrew Gilligan's exposure of the East London Mosque as a front for the extremist IFE, Boris Kemal has, perhaps unsurprisingly, always had good relations with it. Boris has even visited the mosque personally (see picture).

Some quotes from Boris Kemal (aka Boris Johnson):

"My great-grandfather knew the Koran by heart and I am proud of my Islamic ancestry."

"Islam is a religion of peace and has made huge contributions to the development of our society."

In the video below, Boris the Turk boasts of being of "Muslim extraction".


  1. "Islam is a religion of peace"


    So THAT'S where Cameron got it from! Boris has been "enlightening" him as to the true nature of Islam .......... we can all now relax, knowing how truly informed is our PM.

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  3. And this is the guy leading the brexit campaign?! Knowing our luck, if we vote leave, Boris will probably become prime minister. Then he could sign a treaty giving visas to his fellow Turks so they can come to Britain. Or bring in more Muslims from around the world! We're screwed whatever happens!

    1. .....if anyone is screwed it's you dumb prick. Now go back to your small world and don't impoverish us with your very shallow mind. Now that would be a god send!

    2. .....if anyone is screwed it's you dumb prick. Now go back to your small world and don't impoverish us with your very shallow mind. Now that would be a god send!