Monday, 9 August 2010

Staggering hypocrisy from Douglas "the friend of Turkey" Carswell

There is a story in the Daily Mail today about the diminishing number of people identifying themselves as "white British" in NHS maternity wards. In the heavily Muslim-colonised Bradford, only 34% do so, while in parts of London, the proportion of white British is barely over 10%.

Most interestingly for our purposes, however, the article quotes Conservative MP Douglas Carswell bemoaning this fact:

'I think we have to face reality and that is if you continue to have mass immigration it's going to have a very significant impact on the demography of our country - and it's going to have a significant impact perhaps on the sort of country that we are.'

This is the most extraordinary hypocrisy from Carswell. Along with his mate Daniel Hannan, he is a founder member of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association whose charter commits it to lobbying for Turkey's entry to the EU.

If Turkey gets into the EU, Carswell, where do you think a large percentage of its 80 million swart-skinned Muslims are going to end up? Do you think it's possible that they, too, could have a "significant impact on the demography of our country", Carswell? Do you think that they, too, could have a "significant impact perhaps on the sort of country that we are"?


  1. Cameron and Obama's puppet masters (the globalist-zionist complex or the NWO) will use Turkey to anihilate Europe for good! Throgh the abolition of its near-eastern border the hordes of muslim immigrant/invaders will flow at a rate that even with the present lax border controls would be difficult. There is a clear war agenda for Europe planned in the offices of the Kissingers, Soros Rotschilds and Netanyahus of this world, and this will be it: a balkan war on a gigantic scale.

  2. swart-skinned? Have you ever been to Turkey at all or are you just talking about Cameroon wit a false name? Don't worry, people in Turkey aren't a fan of EU anymore while it is aging, losing all it's powers and going down to hell which is flooded with racist, short sighted bigot idiots like yourself.

  3. Racist post and racist blog.

    The day will come when you all start begging Turkey and other members of the emerging 8 for aid but on that day we will commit your racist continent to 3rd world status by denying aid citing past hatred and racism from you.