Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Too Many People Are Saying Turkey's Accession to the EU Cannot Happen

I often see people saying that we needn't worry about Turkey's possible accession to the EU. They usually cite two or three of the reasons why it would be a terrible idea and then conclude that something so manifestly insane could never happen. Here is an example of it here in Geoffrey Wheatcroft's article in the New Republic.

But this idea that it could never happen is dangerously naive. It overestimates the rationality of our political class. It overestimates their respect for the electorate. And it underestimates their subservience to Washington. Remember that much of the pressure for this is coming from the Americans.

It is simply irresponsible to say that an idea supported almost unanimously by the political class (at least in the UK), by the journalistic elite, by almost all of the governments of Europe, an idea that has been pursued doggedly for decades, cannot happen. These people are going to make it happen unless we, the people of Europe, stop them.

In Britain, there is no dissent from within the political mainstream about Turkish accession. You would need to vote UKIP or BNP to register a protest against it and, as I found out during the recent general election, many constituencies don't even have a UKIP or BNP candidate.

Many people are taking comfort in the false notion that France or Germany will always be there to block it. Not so. Both Sarkozy and Merkel came to power promising to stop Turkey's accession to the EU. Yet Turkey's accession to the EU is still on track and has even made progress during their time in power. Perhaps they have slowed it down, but they haven't stopped it. And both of the left-wing opposition parties in Germany and France support Turkish accession. Sarkozy and Merkel might well lose their next elections, to be replaced by pro-Turkey, pro-Muslim, pro-third world socialists.

And who will be left then to block it? Cyprus and Austria. Both small countries. Both capable of being pressured, morally and financially. Are they going to have the fortitude to hold out on their own while being browbeaten by all the other large countries of Europe? I, for one, am not confident of that.

No. If you think that the idea of Turkey joining the EU is completely insane, then you need to start doing something about it. Write to your political representatives. Make your views known. Make sure the supporters of this mad project pay a price for it. Publicise their views so other people can react to them too. Unless enough people get actively involved in opposing this insanity, it is going to come about.

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