Saturday, 14 August 2010

Turkey Still Trading Oil With Iran Despite US and European Sanctions

Both the US and European Union recently imposed stringent sanctions targeting Iran's trade in energy products. Turkey, however, has declared that it will continue the energy trade with Iran regardless. Turkey has thus allied itself with China and Russia, who likewise are continuing to supply Iran with refined fuel and energy-related engineering products.

This should, perhaps, come as no surprise as Turkish President Erdogan once said of Iranian president Ahmadinijad "There is no doubt he is our friend." On Turkey's relationship with Iran he once said, "As a friend so far we have very good relations and have had no difficulty at all."

Bizarrely, however, most members of the Western political elite continue to insist that Turkey is a western-oriented nation whose politics and worldview are line with those of Europe and America. Why do they continue to maintain this falsehood despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary? It remains a mystery.

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