Friday, 13 August 2010

Turkey Using Chemical Weapons Against Kurds

The respected German newsmagazine Der Spiegel has obtained horrific photos of mutilated corpses and body parts, said to be those of Kurdish PKK fighters involved in an uprising against the Turkish government. Der Spiegel submitted these photos to independent experts who agree that they appear to indicate the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish military. This represents a gross violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, to which Turkey is a signatory.

If you can read German, the original article is here. Haaretz has an English-language recapitulation of it here.

So we now have Turkey doing exactly what Saddam was so heavily criticised for, using chemical weapons against minority groups, yet Turkey's EU application is still on track. Can you imagine Saddam Hussein's Iraq being admitted to the EU? That is the madness we are now forced to contemplate.

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  1. We saved the Kurds from Saddam you idiot and a politically motivated German claiming that such photos APPEAR to be such and such is pure bullshit.

    Ask the German to prove it that they were Kurds or not photoshoped pictures.

    FYI Turkey neither has chemical weapons or the capacity for storage and the weapons that allow the use of these weapons in a military scenario.