Thursday, 26 August 2010

Turkish Police Officers Brought in to Try and Restore Order In Turkish-Colonised Parts of Germany


Astonishing news from Germany. Turkish police officers from Turkey are being brought in to try and re-establish order in the Turkish-colonised parts of Germany where crime is now rampant and representatives of the German state, including police, are greeted with hostility and violence.

Local resident of old German city Cologne, Krystal Tank feels like a stranger in her own country. Every day she enjoys the summer parks and life in the Cologne suburb when off work, but she feels totally outnumbered.

“It all happened very silently,” she recalls. “The German population moved away, their children were taken out of the schools, and suddenly there were only Turks here,” Krystal Tank told RT.

Recall that German chancellor Angela Merkel already agreed to set up Turkish language schools for pupils of Turkish descent within Germany and to let teachers from Turkey come to teach at them.

Erdogan, shockingly, insists that Turks living abroad, including Germany, owe a duty of loyalty to him as Turkey's leader. Earlier this year, diaspora Turks from all over Europe who had achieved positions of influence within the countries they had settled in were summoned to Ankara to be given instructions by Erdogan about how they should advance the Turkish agenda.

It seems the German government is now accepting the validity of the Turkish government's extraordinary extra-territorial claims. Imperialistic Turkish colonies are now being established on German soil.

Is this the future of Europe if our political elite get their wish and Turkey joins the European Union? Turkish children being educated in Turkish by teachers from Turkey in colonised districts policed by police officers from Turkey, all paid for by the European dhimmi taxpayers of course?

Has there ever in history been such a clear case of civilisational suicide?

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