Sunday, 12 September 2010

European Foreign Ministers Prostrate Themselves in Front of Turkey

Turkey has failed to meet the basic criteria even of the few accession chapters that have been opened to it. So what do our foreign ministers do? Terminate its accession process completely because of unsatisfactory progress? No. William Hague calls for it to be speeded up. Westerwelle says we should look to deepen our relationship with Turkey outside of the accession framework.

Astonishingly, they have even put forward the idea that Turkey should be allowed to sit in on some EU meetings, even though it is not a member.

The Finnish foreign minister, Alexander Stubbs, though, must be considered a candidate for Dhimmi of the year with his ludicrous remark that Turkey was "one of the top five countries in the world today" in terms of foreign policy.

"Arguably, today Turkey is more influential in the world than any of our member states together or separately," Stubb said. "It has a great influence in the Middle East, in the African Horn in the Persian Gulf, in Iran. It's a truly global player and we need to work together with Turkey right now on foreign and security policy."

So Turkey, an authoritarian Islamist cesspit, whose people live in abject poverty, has more weight in the world than all the countries of the European Union, whose combined economy is the largest in the world, whose exports are the largest in the world by far (even Germany alone is only marginally behind China), whose foreign aid contributions are orders of magnitude higher than any other country or set of countries in the world? How insane is this? If Europe lacks influence, it is because it is led by dimwits like Alexander Stubbs, not because it has any inherent lack of power.


  1. What the hell is your problem with Turkey dude? Did some Turk steal your lunch money? Oh how sad. Had you campaigned for the exclusion of former communist block who are as much poor and comes from a different culture but when you single our Turkey it's only on the race/religion basis which makes you a moronic bigot. Go ahead and tell your true feelings instead of veiling your racism with fully biased news to give a "backed-up with resources" feeling to your bound to fail, stupid goal.

  2. Turkey is not an authoritarian nation. If you idiots cannot keep up with the growing Turkish economy, military and pace of technological development then that aint our fault. FYI we protected Europe during the cold war by placing 17 tank and expensive to maintain divisions of our own against 28 Soviet tank divisions and you idiots have gone of and invested in investment vehicles that ultimately have failed you.

    Our nation is not poor on the contrary our nation is the 17th largest economy in the world and you are an idiot who does not realize that no matter how wealthy and powerful a nation becomes that their will always be poor people in every country all over the world.