Monday, 6 September 2010

France Says Turkey not Safe Destination for Refugees

The French government has officially declared that Turkey is not a safe country for refugees. But its EU application is still progressing. Hello?

It's a little-known fact but EU countries still receive thousands of asylum applications each year from Turks saying they have been mistreated. How is it possible that a country that is still a routine source of asylum applications is even being considered for EU membership? Good question.

Naturally, this new French ruling will make it even more difficult to send any of them home. How wonderful.

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  1. Hey bigot why dont you report on the Greek (A EU member) detention centers in which the UN calls them a disgrace for humanity.

    You are not a journalist but you are a racist because by concentrating exclusively on Turkey's shortcomings without ever even mentioning the short comings of the supposed glorious EU members.