Friday, 24 September 2010

Turkish Interference in German Politics

Regular readers will no doubt recall a blog post earlier in the year concerning a report in Der Spiegel that the Turkish government was calling on the Turkish diaspora to use its influence to promote the interests of Turkey.

German television recently broadcast a news report about it, featuring some quite dramatic video footage. It shows Erdogan looking almost Hitlerian as he declaims against a map of the world containing a massive Turkey, bloated in red :"We are now the world power Turkey! Other countries don't set the agenda for Turkey. We set the agenda for them!"


  1. And now Turkish ambassador to Austria tries to dictate to Austrians what to do about immigration!

    BBC report:

    "Turkey's ambassador to Austria prompts immigration spat"

  2. And now Turkey tries to dictate to 'Christian Action Network'

    "Turkey vs. Christian Action Network"

    -see: ''

  3. Who needs another 70 million muslims sucking our welfare system?

  4. Istanbul: "VS Naipaul pulls out of writers' event over Islam row"

  5. Very interesting that other nations can freely call upon their diaspora to act according to their national goals and objectives yet if Turkey our NATO ally even mentions the phrase "our overseas living nationals" she is not only vilified but somehow appears to be a unique case.

    Where was this blog when the medicare scam in the U.S was revealed to be the work of Armenian agents in which we Americans had been unknowingly paying money some $100 million plus to an overseas nation (Armenia) that also has one of the worst human rights records in the world.