Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Turkey Imposes De Facto Economic Sanctions on EU Countries that Oppose its Membership Bid

In an astonishing development, a Turkish government minister has announced to reporters that French companies will not be considered for upcoming contracts related to the building of a nuclear power plant in Turkey unless the French government changes its policy of opposing the country's bid to join the European Union.

So Turkey is now opposing de facto economic sanctions on EU countries that oppose its membership bid! And this is at the same time that EU taxpayers are handing over approx. €600 million per year to Turkey, supposedly to prepare it for membership! So we Europeans are effectively paying for Turkey's nuclear power programme through our subsidies, yet our companies are not being considered for the contracts! How insane is this!

Is a country that would discriminate so openly against EU member states simply because of their governments' policies in unrelated areas in any way fit to join the European Union? Absolutely not!

And why has there been so little discussion of Turkey's plans to build nuclear power plants while there has been a veritable obsession with Iran's plans to do the same? Is there really such a profound difference between Iran and Turkey? Turkey's president Erdogan described Iranian president Ahmadenijad as a "friend" and has refused to join in global condemnation of the Iranian regime's conduct. It is clear that the Islamic influence is growing ever stronger in Turkey and that it is increasingly casting off the pretence of being a westernised state. The prospect of a nuclear Turkey should be only marginally less alarming to the world than the prospect of a nuclear Iran.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Con Coughlin

Con Coughlin has an insightful article in today's Telegraph in which he rightly blames Muslim bigotry for the probably imminent break-up of Sudan. Unusually, rather than engage in the usual apologetics about those who misinterpret the Religion of Peace, he correctly traces the root of this bigotry to the Koran itself and the words and actions of Mohammed.

But the origins of Islamic intolerance for other faiths, particularly Judaism and Christianity, can be traced back to the Prophet himself: on his death bed, he instructed followers that only one faith – Islam – could be allowed in Arabia.

How tragic is it, then, that someone who has this much insight into the hateful and intolerant nature of Islam is nonetheless a supporter of Turkey's bid to join the EU!
Here is Coughlin last year bemoaning Sarkozy's obstruction of Turkey's membership application and praising Obama for doing everything he can to hasten it.

Like so many, Coughlin indulges the ludicrous fantasy that Turkey "would provide an invaluable balwark against the more threatening Islamic governments that lie further to the East." The truth, of course, is the exact opposite. It would provide a bridgehead for these elements to penetrate further into Europe, ultimately bringing about the demise of European civilisation itself.