Friday, 18 February 2011

Erdogan Mocks US Ambassador After his Thugs Arrest Bloggers

Having successfully clamped down on the print media by intimidating and arresting journalists and threatening independent media companies, Erdogan is now seeking to squelch independent voices online. This week his thugs arrested several journalists involved with the website OdaTV and charged them with "membership in an illegal network, disclosing state documents and inciting public animosity".

The Turkish Journalists Association condemned the legal action and said that there were thousands of journalists facing prosecution and 58 already imprisoned for their writings and opinions.

When the newly-appointed US ambassador expressed some concern about the detentions, he was sharply criticised by the Turkish foreign minister and even mocked by Erdogan himself.

“Unfortunately, some outsiders snooping into things that are not their business believe in this fuss and make comments,” he said in a speech broadcast to governing party members. “First stop and research, ask what it is all about, what the judiciary will be doing, ruling for what, learn all of this. This is called amateur diplomacy.”

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