Sunday, 6 February 2011

More Self-Abasing Dhimmitude from the British Government

British Defence Secretary Liam Fox visited Turkey last week and engaged in more of the self-abasing dhimmitude we have come to expect of his government. In an article for the Turkish Press, he re-affirmed Prime Minister David Cameron's embarassingly unnuanced support for Turkey's aspirations.

Turkey stands at the new military, economic, energy and political crossroads of the world and it would be profoundly wrong for Europeans to turn their backs at this time. The UK will continue to be Turkey’s strongest advocates for EU membership. I will take every opportunity possible to remind my European colleagues who are sceptical about Turkey’s future inside Europe just how short-sighted they are. What a mistake of truly historic proportions it would be if, the leaders across Europe delivered future generations into a much more dangerous and destabilised continent because Turkey was excluded from something it rightly deserves—membership of the EU.

Unlike Cameron, however, he at least did try to get something in return, and that something was Turkey's support for forthright measures designed to restrain Iran's nuclear ambitions. The fact that it is even questionable that this support will be forthcoming, however, illustrates perfectly how unlike us Turkey really is, and how damaging its membership of the EU could be.

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