Saturday, 26 February 2011

Turkey Using Illegal Immigration as a Weapon Against Europe

The Turkish government has just announced that it will refuse to take back illegal immigrants who have made their way into Europe from Turkey unless the EU eases visa restrictions on Turks.

This outrageous refusal ought to result in the immediate termination of Turkey's application to join the EU. But given how spineless most EU leaders are, that will almost certainly not happen.

It is clear that the Turks are deliberately using illegal immigration as a weapon against Europe in many ways. As made clear above, they have found it a useful bargaining tool in their negotiations to join the European Union.

But it is also extremely profitable for them. Istanbul is now the centre of the people-trafficking trade into Europe. It has become a multi-billion euro industry for the Turks.

The flow of illegal immigrants is also useful in accomplishing Turkey's longer-term strategic goals of islamifying Europe. Most of the illegal immigrants who come through Turkey are Muslims.

An additional benefit is that Greece's police and military forces are overwhelmed by the influx and forced to focus on dealing with it rather than attending to their normal security duties. 90% of the illegal immigrants who enter the European Union come through Greece and the total population of illegal immigrants in Greece is now equivalent to more than 10% of the Greek population. Naturally, this imposes an extraordinary pressure on the Greek budget and forces cuts in other areas, such as military expenditures.

Although it usually makes a show of combating illegal immigration, the Turkish goverment has in fact deliberately facilitated it. Under Erdogan's leadership, Turkey has abolished visa restrictions with most of the Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa. This makes it much easier for the would-be illegal immigrants from those countries to get within a stone's throw of Europe. A police chief in the Greek city of Orestiada commented to Der Spiegel:

Salamangas also says he's noticed a major change since Turkey waived its visa requirements for inhabitants of North African countries. In addition to Afghans, Iraqis and Palestinians, a significant share of the refugees now come from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. "We didn't use to get them," he says.

Moreover, Turkish authorities have been caught several times actively helping illegal immigrants reach Europe. Here, for example, is a news item reporting an instance where the Turkish coast guard was captured on camera escorting a people-smuggling boat into Greek waters.

At the moment, the EU actually pays Turkey for every illegal immigrant it takes back. Instead, it should do the opposite. It should calculate the total cost of dealing with an illegal immigrant once they have entered EU territory. The immigrant should then be returned to Turkey along with an invoice for the full amount. If Turkey refuses to take the illegal immigrant back, the ongoing costs of dealing with the illegal immigrant in Europe should be added continuously to the bill. If the Turkish government refuses to pay, duties should be imposed on Turkish imports until the full amount has been paid off. Of course, with the weak-kneed leaders who currently rule Europe, we know that will never happen.


  1. Great piece. Turkey's government is hypocritical and inhumane.

  2. Greece is also to blame. In 2003 PASOK signed the Dublin II Regulation treaty which means that the 1st EU country these illgal Muslims land in that country must process their claims for asylum. Why would PASOK do this knowing that 90% of all illegal come via Turkey to Greece. Greece must repatriate every one of these illegal Muslims (on EU funds) either back to Turkey or their country of birth. George Papandreou calls Erdogan a "Friend" Erdogan is wolf in sheeps clothing and Papandreou is a wimp.

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  4. Turkey is not your border police you dick.