Thursday, 17 February 2011

Turkish Connection to Scandal of Christians Being Captured then Slaughtered for Their Organs

The French news channel France24 has obtained a secret UN document that sheds horrifying light on the organ-harvesting scandal in Kosovo and Albania. Although the document is heavily redacted, a number of key points emerge from it:

People were captured specifically so that their vital organs could be removed in surgical operations, after which they would, of course, die.

The people doing the capturing, the people who removed the organs and the eventual end users of the organs were Muslims, and not just Albanian Muslims. An eye witness describes "an Arab doctor" being involved in the organ extractions. The organs were eventually taken to Turkey and the Middle East.

The victims were Christians.

The victims were not just Serbs, but included other East Europeans, even women.

One of the ring-leaders of the Kosovo militia/crime fraternity, Daut Haradinaj (brother of the future Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj), responsible for the organ-harvesting operation was said to have "extremely good relationships with the Middle East and Turkey".

Once extracted, the organs were flown to Istanbul in Turkey.

Of course, mainstream media outlets never describe it in these terms, but what we have here is basically an international Muslim crime syndicate taking Christians captive, harvesting their organs and slaughtering them. The Christians were even kept alive for a while and given good food to be fattened up like farm animals until an order came in for their specific organ types.

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