Saturday, 12 March 2011

Distinguished Dhimmi : Geoffrey Van Orden

Geoffrey Van Orden is another of the British dhimmis who distinguished themselves in the debate on the 2010 Progress Report on Turkey. He seems quite passionate about the subject too, rebuking the Cypriots for their irrational obsession with trivial matters like, you know, having half their country occupied by a foreign invader.

Van Orden's behaviour strikes me as particularly repulsive. This is a man who on his website hints at some sympathy with the view that Britain should not even be in the EU:

I go to Brussels to speak up for British interests and the people of the East of England. I didn't become an MEP in order to promote the EU. I want us to govern our own country.

Yet there he is, just like other notable Eurosceptics Daniel Hannan and Douglas Carswell, passionately campaigning to get Turkey into it! Like them, he, too, is a founder member of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association.

As with Carswell, the mind simply boggles at the hypocrisy of this man's support for Turkish accession when considered in the light of some of his other public statements. Here he is, for example, talking about public support for immigration restrictions on the ConservativeHome website:

After the economy, Conservatives across the East of England are most concerned about immigration and ‘human rights’ legislation. This is the conclusion from a wide-ranging opinion poll that I carried out across Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire (the full results of which are available on request).

Apart from the economy, the unprompted issue of greatest concern was immigration, followed by “human rights” and health & safety laws. In answer to specific questions, the overwhelming wish was to see immigration cut (98%) with 83% wanting ‘drastic reductions’. 56% support a Royal Commission on Immigration.

Or here in a publication "The Dangers of Multiculturalism", cited on his own website:

For centuries, countries such as Britain have proudly given refuge to those
fleeing persecution from around the world. At the same time we have
welcomed those who wish to come to our country to make a positive
contribution to our society. We have benefited enormously from such
small scale immigration both economically and culturally.

In the past decade this situation has changed dramatically and without any
democratic mandate. There has been massive and uncontrolled growth in
immigration, both legal and illegal, often from societies where there is no
secular, liberal democratic tradition. There are inevitable negative
consequences of this for the integrity of our nation and its core values. We
are in danger of creating a fractured society made up of clusters of clan,
faith and ethnic communities which have become the visible expression of

To avoid this situation and to develop a coherent national entity where all
citizens are well integrated, have equal opportunities and respect as well as
certain common, defining national perspectives, then further immigration
must be severely limited.

I wonder how many of his constituents know that he spends his time passionately campaigning to get Turkey's 80 million Muslims into the European Union and be given the right to immigrate to Britain.

Here is a transcript of his speech:

Madam President, I recognise that there are differing views on Turkish accession both between and within the political groups in this Parliament, my own included. My personal view has always been very supportive of Turkish aspirations towards Europe. Of course there are concerns but I would say that, given the turbulence we are now seeing in North Africa and the Middle East and against the background of a continuing threat from Islamist terrorism, never has it been more important for us to send a positive signal to Turkey that she is welcome in the club of the European democracies.

I would ask our Greek Cypriot and Greek friends in particular to give up their unilateral approach to the Cyprus problem, to be more even-handed and to reach a comprehensive settlement with the Turks before it is too late. We criticise Turkey over the Additional Protocol – we have heard the same again this afternoon from the Presidency-in-Office – yet no mention is made of the failure to implement the EU Council decision of 26 April 2004.

Turkey is a key member of the Atlantic alliance, a democracy with a pivotal role at the interface between West and East, and a country that is changing fast with a growth rate that puts her among global leaders. Let us get moving! Let us not lose Turkey at this stage!

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