Monday, 7 March 2011

Erdogan To Give Turks Living Abroad The Right To Vote In Turkish Elections

The ruling AKP party in Turkey plans to give Turks living abroad the right to vote in Turkish elections, despite Turkey's Supreme Election Board having ruled this out for technical reasons.

But who are these Turks living abroad? Are they expatriate businessmen, on secondment to a foreign country for a few years? It seems much more likely that Erdogan has in mind the millions of Turkish colonists in Europe, who are happy to parasitise European taxpayers while refusing to integrate with European norms.

On his recent trip to Germany, Erdogan spoke of something called blue cards he was planning to introduce:

Erdogan said Turkey would issue special documents — “blue cards” — for Turks who abandon their Turkish citizenship in favour of German nationality, a procedure required under German law. “We will recognise the blue card as an identity document and make it easier for you to make transactions at government offices and banks” in Turkey, he said.

Will these blue cards also grant the right to vote in Turkish elections? We already know that Erdogan considers people of Turkish descent living in Europe to be "his people", even if their families have been living in Europe for generations. We know that he cherishes the concept of a "Greater Turkey" which includes these people. Yet he also wants them to acquire citizenship in the European countries they are currently colonising so that they can exert political influence there in favour of Turkey and Islam. It looks very much as though this "blue card" initiative is a scheme designed to allow Turks to participate in the political islamification of Europe without giving up their rights in the "Greater Turkey".

And lest you think Germany might lodge an objection to this plan:

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel told us that there were no problems at their end,” Erdo─čan said.

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