Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Erdogan's Visit to Germany Leaves a Bad Impression

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has provoked fury with another rabble-rousing speech in Germany in which he called for German citizens of Turkish origin to learn Turkish before they learn German and re-affirmed his opposition to assimilation. He also demanded that the German government consult with the Turkish government on its integration policies! Many German politicians have denounced the speech and even leaders of Turkish-German organisations have sought to distance themselves from it.

A few key quotes from the speech:

• "Our children must learn German, but they must learn Turkish first."
• "I say it again: Yes to integration, no to assimilation.“
• "No one has the right to ignore minorities, but we must integrate into the society in which we live. That is necessary for us and society. But no one can tear us away from our culture."
• "Democracy means seeing difference as richness."
• "Like anti-semitism or racism, islamophobia is a crime against humanity."
• "I am here to show you that you are not alone!"
• "They call you guest workers, foreigners or German-Turks. But regardless of what they call you: you are MY citizens, my people, my friends. You are MY sisters. You are part of Greater Turkey!“

Alexander Dobrindt, General Secretary of the CSU (one of the parties in the ruling coalition), called the speech an "incitement" and demanded that the Turkish ambassador be summoned and rebuked. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, however, preferred to play it down.

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  1. Erdogan should practice some of his crimes against humanity with the killing of Kurds, Alevis, Armenians, Greeks, Cypriot Greeks, Pontic Greeks, Assyrians, Lebanese Maronites and more.
    he should talk.