Friday, 4 March 2011

EU Agrees to Ease Visa Restrictions on Turks!

Like a wily little Anatolian peasant, haggling over the price of a carpet with a naive western tourist, Turkey has yet again got what it wanted from the weak European Union. This time the EU has shockingly agreed to ease visa restrictions on Turks in return for Turkey taking back the illegal immigrants who made their way into Europe across its territory.

Malmström said that the EU had decided to open a visa dialogue with Turkey to look at ways of making it easier for Turkish citizens to enter the EU. She said that options under consideration included harmonisation of procedures for issuing visas and supporting documentation, multiple-entry visas for business executives, and visa waivers for students and researchers.

The Turkish ghettoes that have sprung up around Europe, whose inhabitants, according to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, should learn Turkish before they learn the native language, are going to get bigger.

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