Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Fethullah Gulen Schools Network in America, Part 2

If you want to know more about the sinister Gulen schools network, check out the links below:

Gulen Charter Schools in the USA
Gulen Schools Worldwide
Harmony Parent Truth
Horizon Parents Truth
Magnolia Science Academy


  1. Thanks for re posting these videos we must educate on the dangers of the Gulen Movement taking over our education system in the USA.
    Hawaii, Arizona, Ohio, Colorado, PA, and many other states have journalists who have written about the Gulen Goons.
    Today the state of Indiana is now exposing them with their bribes, free trips, etc., Lets call out the politcians that rub elbows with this group. They will distance themselves very quickly when they are exposed.

  2. Thanks again for posting them. I'll add some links to your sites.

  3. Dear friends,

    Please join the following newly established facebook group to discuss this dubious man and his movement.

  4. FGulen organization is being used by the US Gladio to create Greater Middle East Initiative. What you see in Egypt and Libya are just pieces of it? Next Turkey and Kurdistan. They are using this religious group to achieve just that.

  5. Additional sites:
    List of Gulen Charter Schools

  6. Stop Turkey is wrong! It might be "Help Turkey". 60% of the turkish people are against Fethullah Gulen and agains the fundamentalist president, that amerika installed in turkey. Bill Gates supports Fethullah Gülen with money:
    He is not turkish! Half of the turkish intellectuals are in jail, because they are against the islamic turkish president which shakes hands with obama!

  7. Turkey ist not Saudi Arabia, turkish people do not ride camels, and they do not want Sharia.
    But USA is trying to install Sharia in Turkey. This project is called 'TRANSFORMING THE MIDDLE EAST'.
    Here is a photo comparing two presidents:
    On the left side is Atatürk, the first President of Turkey, right is the fundamentalist president, eating like an animal that amerika installed in turkey and he is an Fethullah Gülen believer.
    You have to know the difference before writing about such things!

  8. In 1971, the Turkish security service arrested Fethullah Gülen for clandestine religious activities, such as running illegal summer camps to indoctrinate youths, and was, from that time on, occasionally harassed by the staunchly secular military. So he had to run away from Turkey an moved to amerika. The court ruling allowed Gülen to remain in the United States because two former CIA officials, George Fidas and Graham Fuller, and former U.S. ambassador to Turkey Morton Abramowitz also supplied references.
    You can read here:

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