Thursday, 10 March 2011

Germany Getting Tired of Turkish Hectoring

Ever since the Second World War, the Germans, oppressed by guilt, have been generally unassertive in international affairs. It looks as though Erdogan may finally have succeeded in prodding them out of their diffidence, however.

Horst Seehofer, a senior politician and head of the CSU, which forms parts of the ruling coalition, recently spoke with rare, undiplomatic candour about the blustering demands made by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan the previous week:

“A country that disregards the human rights of women as much as Turkey does, that on its own territory renders life difficult for Christians, from such a prime minister we do not need lessons about how to deal with religious minorities in our countries,” Mr. Seehofer said.

He also backed up Hans-Peter Friedrich, the new German Interior Minister, who declared last week that nothing in history substantiated the claim that Islam was part of German culture.

It looks as though Erdogan may finally have performed some useful function by rousing the dormant spirit of the German people.

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