Monday, 21 March 2011

Members of the European Parliament Corrupt! I am Shocked, Shocked I Tell You!

Pope is Catholic! Yes, this isn't exactly a revelation but it's nice to have it proved all the same. The Sunday Times ran an article yesterday, exposing the willingness of several MEPs to insert amendments to legislation in return for cash. There is no direct connection to Turkey here but it has long been my contention that Turkey's path to joining the European Union is being smoothed by corrupt methods, including bribery and, most likely, blackmail.

The Sibel Edmonds case in America shows the extraordinary lengths Turkey was willing to go to in order to influence legislators over relatively trivial matters. In Europe, where Turkey's major strategic objective of joining the European Union is in play, it is only reasonable to assume that similar methods are being used. Unfortunately, the Sunday Times investigation shows that European legislators are wide open to this kind of manipulation.

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