Tuesday, 22 March 2011

More Confirmation that Turkey Has Vetoed NATO Action in Libya

The Associated Press are also reporting that Turkey has vetoed NATO action in Libya.

And there's a clue about what may have inspired the strange remarks about France:

Diplomats said Turkey, a NATO member that sees itself as a bridge between Europe and the Muslim world, was angered by its exclusion from an emergency summit Saturday in Paris organized by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, at which the 22 participants agreed to launch armed action against Gadhafi's military.

In a Telegraph blog post, Con Coughlin, a man with very good connections in the military and intelligence establishments, has also confirmed that Turkey is blocking NATO action, supposedly in cahoots with Germany.

Incidentally, Con Coughlin is a strong supporter of Turkey's application to join the EU. Will you now recant this foolishness, Coughlin?

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