Sunday, 27 March 2011

Thousands of Turkish Pistols Intercepted En Route to Jihadists in Yemen

In total, 16,000 pistols were intercepted.

The Dubai police on Thursday announced that they had seized the consignment of pistols made in Turkey, which were apparently destined for Saada in northern Yemen, the stronghold of Shiite rebels. Six Arab residents of the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a member, were arrested in connection with the affair. The pistols were concealed in a container of furniture.

The Turkish government has denied any connection to the weapons smuggling operation and promised to conduct an investigation.

“An investigation into this affair is being carried out in coordination with all the competent authorities,” a ministry statement said, a day after Dubai’s police announced the seizure of the weapons and the arrest of six suspects.

“This attempt to transfer weapons is not based on any permit delivered by our official authorities,” added the statement, which noted that Turkey imposes strict regulations on the export of arms to conflict zones.

“It is not possible to authorise such an export, which could lead to the further loss of human life in Yemen,” where the government in Sanaa has faced mounting protests in the past two months, the statement said.

Sure, we believe them.

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