Thursday, 10 March 2011

Turkey Blocking NATO Action in Libya

As countries in Europe and North America are talking up the need for military action in Libya, with the focus on a no-fly zone, Turkey remains resolutely opposed to these initiatives. NATO would be the natural vehicle for any action that would be taken but Turkey is likely to use its veto power to block any concrete proposals.

Instead Turkey is coming out with its usual spiel about how it act be a bridge between East and West, offering to mediate with the Gaddafi regime.

"Well, Turkey has bridges to these people and these nations they do not have,” Idiz added. “Turkey can say things to these countries that other people can not. And, therefore, given that Turkey's special relationship, the fact that it is an Islamic country. So I think Turkey is in (a) unique position here, and I think the West itself does not really know what to do."

The whole episode is yet another indication that Turkey is unfit to remain a member of the NATO alliance. There is a moral gulf between Turkey and the west that is only going to widen in the years to come.

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