Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Accession of Turkey Would Bankrupt EU

The German CDU MEP Markus Pieper recently commissioned a consultancy firm which specialises in studying the EU's structural and regional policies to examine what effect the accession of Turkey would have on the EU's budget. The answer was astonishing: in the period 2007-2012 Turkey would be entitled to €124.5 billion in structural assistance funds. The total amount of structural funding available over this period is €343 billion, so Turkey alone would consume more than one third of the entire structural assistance budget. Of course this would mean that current recipients would get far less.

According to EU Commission statistics, Turkey has already received around €3 billion since 2007 to help prepare it for EU entry. In the current year it will receive €781,9 million and this is due to rise to €900 million in 2012.

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