Friday, 22 April 2011

"EU needs Turkey more than we need them" Says Turkish Official

Do you feel the need? The need for Turkey? No, neither do I. But this kind of arrogance will hopefully be their undoing.

The European Union needs Turkey more than Turkey needs to be part of the bloc, Turkey's chief negotiator for EU talks said Thursday in Istanbul.

“Turkey is not a candidate for the EU just for the sake of it,” State Minister Egemen Bağış said, adding that Turkey did not desperately need to join the 27-member union.

The EU is facing many problems, such as energy crisis, old population, and economic problems, Bağış said. “Unemployment is at the highest level in their history, they are suffering from economic problems and the population is aging; they are also dealing with an energy crisis.”



  1. What solutions does Turkey bring to the EU? Sounds more like EB is listing EU problems that Turkey would make WORSE if some accident of fate allowed them to join.

  2. EU would be hopeless and desperate in many parts of the world in terms of their relation to other countries as EU doesn't know how to communicate with other countries but to try to impose its policy and threat.