Monday, 25 April 2011

Even the Queen Doesn't Want Turkey in the European Union

From the Sunday Times yesterday:

A woman called Joan Smith was on Newsnight last week explaining why she favoured the abolition of the monarchy. Apparently, the Queen had ignored her at a social function.

“She just cut me dead,” Smith announced.

Worse, a few moments later Joan heard the Queen say something “inappropriate ... and reactionary” about Turkey’s possible membership of the European Union.

The Telegraph has some more detail on the story. The woman is the former girlfriend of the grotesque Labour MP Denis MacShane (aka Denis MacShame), whose real name is Denis Matyjaszek.

...a Labour minister’s former girlfriend has made public what she claims is the monarch’s opinion of the expansion of the European Union.

“I was present when the Queen made a comment that was both reactionary and unconstitutional,” alleges Joan Smith, an author and broadcaster, who split up with Denis MacShane, a former Europe minister, last year.

“It was at a Christmas party at Buckingham Palace. It was mostly MPs and ex-ministers.”
Smith, who refused to make a curtsy for the monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh, tells Mandrake: “Before the Queen came in, a small group of us were asked to stand in the corner and wait to be introduced. I smiled and said 'hello’ and she looked at me with almost disbelief and passed on to the next person. It was a nice Conservative MP and his wife, who, he said, was Turkish. She immediately said: 'Philip and I have been on a state visit to Turkey.’

“The woman was very polite and said how pleased people were that she had visited. Then, the Queen turned to another person in the group and said: 'The EU is getting awfully big with 28 countries.’ They said that, actually, it was 27, 'but we are hoping Turkey will come in soon’, to which the Queen said, 'Oh, we don’t want Turkey to come in for a long time.’

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  1. well said, liz. turkey needs to be carpet- bombed by B52s, not let into the EU.