Sunday, 3 April 2011

Suppressed Book About Gulen Network Leaked on Internet

The Imam's Army by Ahmet Sik, the book the Turkish state tried to suppress by conducting raids to confiscate all copies of it, has been leaked on the internet using Google's online document-sharing service. Authorities in Turkey claimed the book, which describes the Gulen network's infiltration of the Turkish police, was linked to the Ergenekon investigation. More than 100,000 people have now downloaded the book.

A court order previously deemed it illegal to possess digital copies of the manuscript, leading to the carrying out March 24 of raids at the book’s printing house and among people who had digital copies of “The Imam’s Army.” The copies were deleted and the people involved were warned that they might be accused of aiding an illegal organization.


Acts of civil disobedience were meanwhile started Thursday by groups that featured the book on several websites. Members of one of these, the Anti-Thought-Crime Initiative, went a step further and informed on themselves to prosecutors. The initiative posted a petition on its website encouraging people to join the action.

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