Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Turkish Association in Germany Calls for Autonomous Government for Turks

This is my translation of statements made by a Turkish association in Germany calling itself "Generation Zukunft e.V." (Future Generation). The association is organising a protest against Thilo Sarrazin in Berlin on June 21.

We are Turks or Turkish-descended students, employees, employers and academics who live and work in Germany. Just as other citizens feel attached to their home, citizens of Turkish descent also feel attached to this country, their country of origin. Within the framework of the laws of this country, we are proud to say: "Happy those who call themselves Turks." We are aware that we bear a responsibility not only to ourselves, but to Turkey. For this reason we have come together to call "Generation Zukunft e.V." (Future Generation Registered Association) into being.


Best regards,
Generation Zukunft e.V.
Frankfurt (...)

(...) The organisation of young Muslim intellectuals "Generation Zukunft e.V." calls on all Turks in Germany:

You hired us as guest workers. We built your streets; set up your companies; repaired your houses. We worked day and night for the well-being of Germans, risked our health, served them, and today they want to hold us to account for it, saying it would have been cheaper if we had never immigrated to Germany as guest workers... They drum into us that we are not allowed to speak Turkish when we're sitting with our brothers and sisters in the playground. We are forbidden from living in a Turkish spirit or practising our centuries-old culture. They take our identity and force us to eat disgusting pig meat. German children always get the best toys and enjoy more freedom than our children of Turkish descent. A torture without comparison, a machinery of oppression and assimilation policy - planned and controlled by the revolting German establishment in order to crush Turks year after year for decades and to break their will and individuality. We are your slaves and prisoners, your prey animals...

We want autonomy for the Turks in Germany with the objective of independent government. We want place signs in Germany to be in Turkish. In supermarkets the information must be written in Turkish script... We want North-Rhine Westphalia to be the first federal state to become an autonomous Turkish republic. At a later stage, Berlin should also become an autonomous Turkish territory and the federal government should move to Bonn.

From a demographic perspective, Turks represent a considerable part of the new generation of the German population. Seen in this way, we are the future of Germany... The German government should slowly start to think deeply about who is sitting in its lap...

(Hompage of Generation Zukunft e.V., cited in "Kurier der Christlichen Mitte" (Courier of the Christian Centre), monthly periodical for religion and politics, March 2011 – No. 3).

This sounds almost too over-the-top to be true. But it does appear to be a genuine, registered association in Germany. You can see its registration here. Representatives of the organisation have previously been quoted in the Turkish press. And the coordination committee of the Turkish association wrote the following to the German organisation Christliche Mitte (Christian Centre), whose periodical brought this to light here.

Don't forget. As Germany lay in rubble and ashes, the foreigners came to build the country back up. The foreigners (Turks) brought the Germans prosperity. Without the foreigners, Germans would still be standing in their rubble today. From that follows the logical conclusion: the land belongs to those who built it. Foreigners are nationals. We want: to vote here, to work here, to participate in decisions here. Therefore: the next federal chancellor and ministers must be Turkish!!! The cross must disappear! Islam is the strongest force; Islam will prevail.

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