Friday, 29 April 2011

Turkish President Demands Austria Teach Turkish In Its Schools

In an interview with a newspaper based in Austria, where he is due to make a state visit next week, Turkish president Abdullah Gul demanded that Austria improve conditions for its immigrant Turks and teach the Turkish language in its schools.

"In nurseries, schools and universities, the options must be extended. It is very good to learn both languages, German and Turkish."


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  1. Gul should talk!!! he married his 1st cousin when she was 15 years old.

    In Turkey there are currently over 300,000 Turkish teachers out of work and Turkey's education is 32 out of 34 countries on the last OCED ranking just above Mexico and Chile BELOW AVERAGE.

    and GUL wants to dictate to the world what we teach and how we teach it with their 1,000 Turkish Schools? Don't think so.
    These schools are being closed in Greece, Turkmenistan, Moldive, Krygyzstan and many many more investigations.