Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fatih Mosques Going Up All Over Germany

Imagine you heard that a "Lionheart" Cathedral was going to be built in Saudi Arabia; or a Bohemond Cathedral in Egypt. After getting over the initial amazement that the Muslim rulers of these countries had granted permission for a Christian place of worship to be built, you would think that naming the cathedrals after famous crusaders was a rather extreme provocation, wouldn't you? But that's what the Turks are doing in Germany. They are building "Fatih" mosques all over the country. Fatih means conqueror. It was the name adopted by Mehmet II after he conquered the city of Constantinople in 1453. The conquest was completed on 29 May 1453. Note the date of the inauguration plate of the Fatih mosque in Duisburg: 29 May 2003. This was exactly 550 years after the Muslim conquest of Constantinople. It is doubtful if many of the Germans understood the reference, but you can be sure the Turks did.

The Germans took the construction of this "Conqueror" mosque as an opportunity to show how enlightened they were. When protests against the mosque construction were held, a vast counter-protest was organised by trade unions, political parties and churches. The construction was financed by the European Union, the state of North-Rhine Westphalia and the Turkish-Islamic Union (DITIB).

Another "Conqueror" mosque went up in Bremerhaven. This too was welcomed by multicult-friendly German politicians, despite the mosque association belonging to Milli Görüs, an organisation which the German agency for the protection of the constitution considers islamist and anti-constitutional.

Hopefully someone will one day explain to these naive politicians what the word Fatih means.

Source: PI


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  2. It was a misspelling.
    It was intended to be Faith, not Fatih.